13th January 20201 

Division of time 
Reading for research proposal 
X1 day observation and experimentation. 
Regular uploading of work to site or indesign. 

Rough plan 
Week 1-3

Creation of sequence versions.
Artworking try outs.
COLOUR from the very start

Week 4

Final sequence

Week 5

Photoshop work.

Week 6

Making Final Dummy book. 

Possible themes/ interests 
The Egyptians
Trees/ Leaf as a character 
Van Gogh - Like Jane Eyre (Paula Rego)
One Page comics about the environment.
Sophie Calle.
Punchdrunk treasure hunt. Audience interaction.
Shaun Taneque surprise 
Adaptation of a film?
A world without bees. 

Learnings from last time. Don’t get too caught up with the text. 

15th January 

Useful website