Final Dummy

Becky Palmer - Feedback 2nd Feburary. 

-Try taking out all the words and seeing where the words are required.

-Shorten his return, re already know the journey home. Doesn’t need the space.

-Condense bit where the knights tell him about King Arthur.

-Hair cut. Take out some actions to fit on one page.
  • Wealthy knight bit. Goes on.
  • Are the words required for the musicians. Can they just be in the double page spread with the merrymakers
  • Cut down the pages with the instruments.
  • Add a half page at the end to tie things together.
  • Start off by trying to get it down to 32 pages. If you can’t get it down to 40 pages.
  • Make end pages.
  • Really look at the relationship between images and text. How do other picture makers do it?