I would like to investigate the non-fiction children’s book format and focus my attention on 

How to write poetry 

My textbook for creating the illustrated book will be Ted Hughes’ Poetry in the Making. This was a series of ten talks which were broadcased on the home service and then printed as a book in the 1960s. 

Key concerns - 
-Exploring visually the process of writing. 
-Evolution of the Thought Fox. 
-Revealing the inner self. 
- Methaphor of fishing. 

Once I have found the format for the piece I would also like to look at the possible second book on 

How to paint 

This uses Van Gogh as its inspiration. 

Key subjects of illustration
- The river and the subterranous world underneath the water’s surface 
- The fox. 
-The English landscape. 

Key biographic moments. 
Yorkshire beginnings -Aspinell Street. Scout rock. View to the south was blocked by that solid black rock. 
Swallows and Amazons- Trapping, fishing, playing on the moors. Introuction to the animal kingdom. 
Life in Cambridge. Coming down from a proviential beginnings. 
Relationship with Slyvia Plath
Poems relating to nature and the environment 
Life in the 1950s. 
The scandal of his life. Two women suicides in relation to their relationship to him 
Popularity of birthday letters - testimony of his relationship with Sylvia. Worked on it for 30 years. Notebook of his relationship with Slyvia. 
Horoscopes. Interest in the occult. 
Fascinated with the white godess - Robert Graves. 
Slyvia - (St Botolphs). Teeth marks.  
Personfication of the hawk. Hughes as a predator. 
Move to Devon. Tatched farm house. Court Green. (ERROR) 
Assia affair. 
Al Alvertez 
Slyvia’s suicide. Left number of the doctor. Taped the doors to the children’s room. Gave them milk.

Pike - Shows the aggression of the natural world. 
Thought Fox. Burnt the page of his essay. Changed to English Literature. 
The Hawk in the Rain. 

The Litzts 
Helen Hancock. 
Hockney’s depiction of Yorkshire. A Yorkshire diary. 

Portrait. Relationship to Heathcliff . 

Points of research 
Ted Hughes: Stronger than Death,