MOD002988 TRI2 F01CAM - Illustration and Audience: The Paradox

SN - 2016357

Project Proposal

For this module I will be exploring the selected poetry and short stories written by Ted Hughes. I am directing the majority of my focus on a series of short stories entitled How The Whale Became and Other Tales of the Early World. For many years Ted Hughes has been of personal interest. I take great enjoyment from his precise and direct way of writing, and his own life story has also fascinated me.

I have narrowed down my primary text to six short stories taken from the How The Whale Became collection. I would like to create a series of sequences which have a recurrent character called ‘God.

In my initial investigation for the project, I have looked at David Hockney’s Six Fairy Tales, From the Brothers Grimm and Paula Rego’s illustrated Jane Eyre. These books have been helpful to work out different ways in which longer texts can be refined into a limited amount of images.

Alongside this, I would also like to create some separate artwork responses to Ted Hughes’ poetry, which I envisage as singular pieces in the form of posters. Through the act of creating the artworks I hope to discover how they could relate to my sequence work.

On the previous module, I struggled with colour work and creating final artwork I was happy with. It is a personal goal for this module to allow more time for my illustrations to develop. I would therefore like to ensure my storyboard is defined earlier on in the process to allow for more time to experiment with my illustration techniques. In order to help with this process, I will ensure I work with colour from the outset. I am also interested in exploring printing techniques, in particular creating lino prints.

I have discovered on the last project that I have some issues with time management, therefore I would like to outline the following week by week goals. Within this schedule I reserved one day a week to developing my printmaking work.

Week 1-2

Create first rough of a completed storyboard.

Start poetry responses using printing methods as way of experimenting.

Week 3

Create second rough storyboard

Week 4

Create final sequence

Week 5

Scan and complete touchup work on photoshop

Week 6

Make final dummy book.