The Research Proposal -Deadline 22nd February. 

Gives you a head start on the next phase of the course. 
Get ahead with lots of reading. 
Start thinking about this now! 

10% overall mark. 
Project proposal for the next module for the master thesis. 
500 words. 
Challenges and achievements and identifies an area of research. 

A working title 
(Describe the area of research) 

A reflection 
Analyse the work as opposed to just describing. Include age group. 

Proposed area of research. 

Must relate to illustrated books for children 
Must relate to practice. Could be speculative. Could be about past work too (on this course or before) 
1. Historical context (books that relate to your subject in the past) 
2. Contemporary (How your subject relates to your 
3. Acedemic theories. 

Indictive bibliography 
-Proposed reading list.