Week 1 

Week 2 

29th January

 Saturday Life Drawing - 30th January 

1st February Saturday 

2nd February - Word and Image workshop 

4th February - Mid module review. 

6th February 
8th February 

Character studies of Whalewort 

God’s House


Scared chicken sequence 

God camping out


9th February 

What is the story about?

The story is about a week in the life of God.
This is the first book in a sequel. I say that because I don’t want the whale to dominate. He is just one of many problems God encounter.
It shows an episode of God’s daily routine and one of his everyday challenges. The challenge in this book happens to be what he should do with a whale that has mistakenly grown in his garden.
I want it to the follow the format of a farce. God is an everyday character who is thrown into situations which are improbable and ridiculous. The whale is the issue in this book.
I would like the character of God to be slightly put upon by the new experiences which prevent God from retiring from work. All God wants is peace and quiet.
The two central characters are God and his cat. God is a less animated version of Basil Fawlty. He is just wanting to mind his own business but feels like everyone is out to get him. Another good analogy in Wallace and Gromit.

Notes from February 18th
- Focus on artwork. Remember that is different from final artwork.
- Possibly collage the whale.
-Hint at the whales growth in the desk pictures. Change angle of the perspective.
- Show a saddness of the whale’s departure. Show God’s humanity more.
-Make sure the story look understandable.